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Can You dig-git®?
Wondering how it works? Watch the videos below or check out written instructions on installing and removing the dig-git® Best Beach Umbrella Anchor.
If you dig-git®, it will stay!
How-To Videos
Step One

From the storage position, rotate the umbrella post one and a half to two turns counterclockwise, open to the shovel position, and tighten clockwise until secure.

Step Two

Dig a 12-inch-deep hole in

the sand, rotate the umbrella post counterclockwise to loosen. Place the dig-git® in the anchor position and turn clockwise to tighten.

Step Three

Place the dig-git® anchor in the 12-inch-deep hole and cover

with beach sand. Insert the umbrella and tighten to secure. 

Step Four

To remove the dig-git®  from the sand, simply rotate the umbrella post counterclockwise one and a half to two turns or until it stops. With both hands, gently pull to disengage.

The dig-git® will slide easily out of the sand.


Step Five

Return the dig-git® to

storage position and tighten. Now you’re ready for another day of safe beaching!

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