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Our Products

8-Panel Umbrella with Dig-git Anchor

Beach Umbrella w. Anchor (8-Panel)

Dig-git Beach Umbrella Anchor

Dig-git Beach Umbrella Anchor

Dig-git Universal Base Post and Anchor

Dig-git Universal Base Post



Dig-git Carry Bag



Replacement Umbrella Cap



Replacement Locking Knob


Our Story

The dig-git® Beach Umbrella Anchor easily converts from a shovel to an anchor to keep your umbrella where it belongs, in the sand.


At dig-git®, we understand the frustration and danger of runaway beach umbrellas. That's why we created the perfect solution: the dig-git® Beach Umbrella Anchor. Our patented technology ensures that your umbrella stays securely in the sand, no matter how windy your beach day gets. Founded in 2007 by Freddy Paolucci, who had his own close call with a runaway umbrella, we are dedicated to making your beach experience safe and stress-free.

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